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Top 4 Tribes to Interact with on Odisha Tribal Tours

Introducing Odisha –

Odisha is an Indian state of huge diversity based on the eastern horizon. It’s the home to a handful number of tribes; all are distinct in themselves but connected through a string of tribal tourism in Odisha.

Many people opine that the development of ecotourism can facilitate the development of villages – which in turn incorporates the development in the tribal tourism. Perhaps it’s a true perception in many aspects that this small development can lead to the development of the inhabitants – who are major numbers of tribal people in Odisha.

Therefore, a perfectly chalked out layout for the promotion of eco-tourism, accompanied with the hospitality provided to the visitors will ensure a fully developed tribal tourism in Odisha.

However, there are so many tribes you’ll find here in Odisha. Here are a few of them; you can spot on your Odisha tribal tours:

The Most Common Tribal People to Unveil in Odisha Tribal Tour –

1. Kondha –

Kondha tribal people are considered as the highly populated tribes in the state. They interact and speak in their special language – Kui. However, there is no written script for their language. You will find Kondha tribal people mainly in the Kandhamal and Koraput districts of Odisha.

2. Bonda –

Bonda tribal people are infamous tribes and are well-known as the fierce tribes of the Austro-Asiatic origin. They have mostly aggressive and savage nature. The Bonda people love to be withdrawn and usually live in an up-close isolation. You will see them residing in the mountainous terrains of the Bonda Hills in the Malkangiri district.

However, the hills are located at the confluence of the states like Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

3. Juang –

Juang tribes are the most adaptable tribes to spot on Odisha tribal tour. Now, they’ve acquainted themselves with the contemporary lifestyle in a different way. They speak in Kolarian language.

You will find them scattered in different places like Banspal, Telkoi, and Harichandanpur. Both the districts like Dhenkanal and Keonjhar have a significant number of this tribe.

4. Gadaba –

Though the Gadaba tribes don’t have hostile and aggressive nature, they have garnered a huge respect. It’s due to their superior standard of hospitality and mild behavior. On your Odisha tribal tours, you will discover the unique architectural designs of their huts – which are built in such a way that they have an immense resemblance to the area.

The local language of Gadaba tribes is Gutub – that has undergone so many modifications throughout the years. They reside in the southern stretches of the Koraput district in Odisha.

Conclusion –

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